At Heartland Animal Hospital, maintaining animal health is the cornerstone of our practice. We recommend annual wellness exams through adulthood and biannually during the senior and geriatric years. Specifically designed for your pet’s stage of life, our wellness exams help prevent or detect health issues before they can impact your pet’s quality of life, ensuring a happy, healthy animal.

Up to 1 Year Old
Puppy/Kitten Exams focus on behavioral training, nutrition counseling and contagious disease prevention.

Over 1 Year Old
Adult Exams focus on nutritional counseling, continued disease prevention and dental health.

7 Years and Above
Senior Exams focus on degenerative disease detection and prevention, joint health and dental health through diagnostic blood tests and recognition of signs and symptoms.

Geriatric Exams focus on quality of life issues involving joint health, degenerative disease and mental/cognitive maintenance and treatment.