Did you know vet visits don’t have to be a hassle? No more dragging the cat through the door! Try these ways to take away the stress and fear so every appointment is more relaxing and enjoyable for you and your pet.

Cats need routine, annual exams to help with early disease detection and health maintenance, but we know it can be challenging to get them here. The following are some tips to help reduce the anxiety and stress that is commonly associated with the process of that visit for both of you!

Acclimate your cat to the carrier.
Being placed in a carrier can be stressful for your cat. To ease the transition, leave the carrier out and open in a place your cat can thoroughly examine it a few days before the visit. Cats are naturally curious, and your pet will likely want to sniff and check out this strange object. The more familiar your cat is with the carrier, the less stressed it will be being placed inside it. Outfitting the carrier with one of your pet’s favorite blankets can also help reduce anxiety.

Take a practice car ride.
If your cat is jittery about car trips or has never ridden in a car, take a practice run with your cat safely in the carrier. Take few loops around the block then return home and let your pet out of the carrier. Acclimating your cat to travel can greatly reduce stress. And a calm cat is far easier for you and your vet to handle.

Use Calming Pheromones
Cats communicate through natural “messages” released in the air called pheromones. FELIWAY mimics these natural feline messages or ’’happy messages’’ and helps cats feel comfortable and more secure. Feliway is available for purchase here at Heartland and can be sprayed in the carrier prior to your kitty’s visits. We use these pheromones throughout the clinic as well to help reduce stress during their visit.