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At Heartland Animal Hospital, we’re dedicated to delivering the finest possible treatment, along with the compassionate care your pet deserves. Serving the Wichita metro area since 2000, our state-of-the-art facility provides a complete range of routine and emergency care, with a long list of specialties.

We strive to provide a high standard of healthcare to each of our patients while providing compassion, kindness and individual attention to each.



Maintaining your pet’s health in all areas both physically, socially & mentally is the cornerstone of our practice.

Physical Wellness

Our doctors recommend nose to tail wellness exams starting as puppies & kittens and then annually through adulthood through their senior and geriatric years. Our wellness visits are specifically designed for every stage your pet’s life and is considered one the most important parts of your pet’s visit. With routine exams, blood screenings and vaccinations we can help prevent or detect health issues before they can impact your pet’s quality of life.

  • Behavioral, socialization, mental/cognitive counseling & guidance
  • Nutrition counseling & healthy weight maintenance
  • Parasite and contagious disease screening and prevention
  • Dental hygiene
  • Joint and mobility health, pain management
Mental Wellness & Low Stress Handling Practices

A trip to the vet can sometimes increase anxiety in our pets, but our goal is to make those visits as low stress as possible! Our doctors and staff practice methods of handling designed to provide the most mentally and physically comfortable experience for your pet.

  • Synthetic pheromones designed to naturally calm your pet are used throughout our facility and available for purchase
  • Behavior modification/desensitizing sessions available to help improve success during routine visits or treatments
  • Medications available to help relieve anxiety either long term or for short term purposes/visits
  • Emotional & behavioral health status charting to better understand and work with your pet on an individual basis


When required, Heartland Animal Hospital utilizes a variety of diagnostic tools to help us identify illness and determine the proper course of treatment. These tools include in-house diagnostics, as well as digital radiology, internal and pulmonary diagnoses and treatment. We also offer a complete range of blood screenings with the support of an accomplished outside laboratory.

  • Digital Radiology
  • Ultrasound for orthopedic, internal and pulmonary screening
  • Pulse Oximetry, Doppler blood pressure, Electrocardiogram
  • Cryopen Skin Tag/Wart removal
  • Tonopen Eye digital pressure reading
  • Class IV Laser Therapy for non-invasive, non-medicinal pain & inflammation healing


Pain management and safety are our top priority

All orthopedic and surgical services require strict safety and pain management protocols designed to minimize both risk and discomfort during treatment and recovery. Our surgical safety technologies and procedures include surgical cutting laser technology, pulse oximetry, Doppler blood pressure monitoring, respiratory monitoring, IV Catheter and heart monitoring.

  • Dental scaling & polishing under general anesthesia includes full mouth digital x-rays, before and after images and oral hygiene take home kits
  • Spay, Neuter, Declaw, Orthopedic & Lumpectomy procedures include pre & post operative oral pain medications, and are performed with cutting laser that cauterizes and reduces post op inflammation. Laser therapy of incision site is typically performed afterwards to promote extra pain & inflammation relief.


advanced pain relief & faster healing without invasive procedures or medications

How It Works

The laser therapy machine emits a near-infrared light that penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the mitochondria in cells. The mitochondria then use this light to produce ATP. ATP is energy that the cells use to repair themselves and to reproduce. This is similar to how photosynthesis, the process by which sunlight is absorbed by chlorophyll in plant cells to create energy, works. The energy provided to the cells releases endorphins in the area about 20 minutes after the session is finished. This acts as a more of an immediate pain relief as the stimulated lymphatic system works to reduce inflammation in the affected area.



Research has found that 80% of all pets suffer some level of oral disease and discomfort. As a result, we believe oral health and hygiene are critical to pet health. Our digital dental radiology helps us diagnose sources of oral infection, defect and pain so we can treat and cure these conditions through medication and/ or surgery. Owners receive copies of their pets’ before-and-after dental cleaning images to see the difference themselves, and are sent home with recommendations for future oral health and dental disease prevention.

Scaling & polishing of the teeth remove harmful plaque and bacteria

Full mouth X-rays are done with all dental cleanings to detect fractures, bone loss, abscesses and any other potential abnormalities that may be a hidden source of pain for your pet

Call us today to schedule a dental assessment for your pet! 316-744-2043


Because parasite prevention is important year round, we develop heartworm, flea and tick and intestinal parasite prevention programs specific to your pet and your individual lifestyle.

  • Many prescription medications and heartworm/flea preventatives are available for in-clinic pick up w/ mailing options available. We recommend year-round protection!
  • Online Pharmacy & Auto-ship programs available for delivery convenience of prescription medications and food. To go to our online pharmacy Click Here
  • .

  • Science Diet, Royal Canin and Purina prescription and maintenance food & treats stocked in store and available for special order


  • Pet Identification tags engraved while you wait!
  • Oral hygiene supplies including chew, toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • Glucosamine and Vitamin supplements
  • Medicated shampoos
  • Rawhide chews, treats, toys and other fun retail



We are proud to announce that Dr. Bill Breault, Dr. Gary Breault, Anna Atherton – RVT, Tara Grabendike – Veterinary Technician and Kristen Willson – RVT, are now certified for ABDOMINAL ULTRASOUNDS by Oncura Partners Training Program. Skilled to do abdominal scans and submit them to board certified radiologist and ultrasonographers for interpretation.

Patient Referrals are welcome!

“We welcome a referral partnership with you by providing professional ultrasound technology to your patients.”


If you are a new client, please download this form, print, fill out and bring with you to save time once you arrive.


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Full payment is expected at the time of service. In the event your pet should be admitted for hospitalization, a deposit of the initial estimated fees will be due before you leave. Additional or remaining fees will be due upon discharge.

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