Lodging Services for Wichita and Surrounding Areas

Let Heartland Play & Stay be your pet's home away from home! We want all of our guests stay to be as stress free and fun as possible. Please check out our additional services available for our overnight guests below. We provide food, bowls and bedding. You are welcome to bring your own food and bedding if you prefer. Please permanently mark your pets name on all belongings. If you bring your own food, please separate each meal into individual baggies. Bring any medications your pet is prescribed. A $1.50 medicating while boarding fee is charged each time medication is given.

In oder to assure your pet a space in daycare you must request daycare reservations when you are scheduling your lodging dates.

A full day charge is incurred on the day your pet is dropped off regardless of the drop off time. On the day your pet goes home, a half day charge is incurred if picked up before 2 pm and a whole day charge after 2pm.  Sunday pick-ups are an option for those that make special arrangements.



Heartnad Animal Hospital - Play & Stay



4100 North Woodlawn

Wichita, Kansas 67220

If you are a new client, please download the appropriate form, print, fill out and bring with you to save time once you arrive.

Current on Vaccinations

including Rabies, distemper/Parvo, and Bordetella.

Be on a monthly heart worm prevention and have an annual negative fecal test.

Our dogs share germs!

No worms allowed.





Our new Kitty Kat Lounge is specially designed for our feline friends! They have a large aquarium in their room for entertainment and toys for exercise.



Each additional pet housed in the same space as another will receive a 20% discount on the daily boarding rate.




A Weimaraner enjoying playtime with a stuffed toy.

Playtime is an additional $8 per day.

If your pet is unable to attend daycare or simply prefers individual playtime, he/she can receive one on one playtime in our daycare area where he/she can play ball, relax in the sun, or have some snuggly lap time. Your choice!

Photo of a Yellow Lab enjoying a Cozy Cot
Photo of multiple Dogs enjoying the outdoor area at the Heartland Play & Stay.
Photo of Bubbles!

Dog daycare provides your dog a fun, safe, and stimulating off-leash environment to interact and socialize with other dogs and our staff.

Daycare is available M - Sat.

Photo of Bubbles!

Daycare while boarding is $14 per day.



While on vacation, do you ever miss your 4-legged loved one so much that you would love to check in and see their cute face?!“Hello”? Now you can!  BarkTime is FaceTime with your dog using your iPhone or iPad. A designated date and time can be scheduled

for you and your pet to

be face-to-face while

you are on the beach,

on a hike or just

relaxing in your hotel

room. This time can be

set up when you check in your pet with us or you can schedule it at a later time after you know your travel schedule.


Do you feel your pet has a special medical or behavioral condition or a unique situation requiring extra daily care and attention?

Our “Special Care” service is designed especially for these furry loved ones! In addition to our customary daily care, the Special Care service will include specialized daily monitoring from our trained staff that is catered to each pet’s unique situation. They will document your pet’s appetite, water intake, weight, hydration, mobility and alertness as well as any other requested observations. Two consultations with a doctor are also included in the event that medical advice is needed. A report of your pet’s daily assessments will be sent home with you at the time of pick up.

This service is ready to

suit your diabetic,

senior or other special

needs pet today!

The cost is

$1 per day

of usage.

Blankets will be provided to all of our boarding guests. However, Kuranda cots are available in addition to the bedding. These elevated cots are chew proof and  provide extra orthopedic support and overall comfort for your pet .


Treat your dog to a tasty and stimulating treat during their stay! We have created a KONG Menu of 6 different KONGtastic receipes! Ask for our menu at check-in!

BarkTime is $10 for up to 10 minutes of bark!

Face to Fur

is available for $6 per day

KONGcoctions info is coming soon!

All pets who stay 5 nights or more will receive a complimentary bath before going home. If your pet is overdue on his or her routine mani/pedi, let us help!

Professional bathing packages are also available!


Please ask about additional

services available for

your pooch through

Play & Stay and

The Hairy Sofa.

Full Nail Trim is $15

Heartland Animal Hospital and Play & Stay
A full-service animal hospital, daycare center and boarding facility.
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Lodging, Boarding and Daycare at HEartland Animal Hospital and Play & Stay
Lodging and boarding at the Heartland Animal Hospital and Play & Stay.
Lodging and boarding at the Heartland Animal Hospital and Play & Stay.